Rotate object in design area.

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Rotate object in design area.

Post by Martin » Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:33 pm

Hello !

i'm having problems with the rotation mode. I have been working with marilou olmost three years and I have had this issue before but i din`t care about it. Lately i have been working on an important proyect to develop a human hand model. I had really bad times with rotation mode of the disign area because i need to position the parts in especific angles and they change aleatorily when i select other parts of the model.

For example:

If i rotate x= 90º and y= 45º ( z=0 ) ====> the soft changes them into: x= -179,929º , y = 90º , z = - 90º

This happens with every geometry or element (hinge or rigid), I find it impossible to work on my proyect.
Is there any way around this issue?



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